Writing Contest Samples

Read the beautiful pieces of writing from our 1st/2nd grade winners!


1st Place-Andrew

2nd Place- Ella


Catholic School’s Week Writing Contest Winners

During Catholic Schools’ Week, our students had a little writing competition. The prompt was: beauty in their school. The results were outstanding and will be posted shortly.


First Prize Winners! They seem excited about having a pizza lunch with Fr. Girotti!

Our second prize winners smile brightly!

SJPII Students Serve Others During Lent

Guided by their devout and loving teacher, Miss Branecky, SJPII third and fourth grade students decided to serve the other classes in some way as a Lenten sacrifice.

Last week, the students served the littlest disciples by reading with them! How beautiful!


Cathedral Field Trip

Catholic School’s Week started off in a most beautiful way with a visit to our own St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Fr. Thiel generously shared his time and expertise in teaching the children a little bit about sacred architecture.

Beloved cathedral volunteer, Carol Joppy, taught the students some really interesting things about our very own diocese.

Of course, cathedral rector, Fr. Dorner was a splendid host to us!

What a beautiful cathedral and diocesan history we have in Green Bay. Praise God. Let us pray for the maintenance of our churches and for all the faithful lay and religious people in our diocese!