All About Spelling

SJPII elementary teachers are thrilled to initiate the newest addition to an already dynamic curriculum: All About Spelling.

All About Spelling is a seven level, multi-sensory spelling program that “provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach”.

Most school spelling programs rely on the write, memorize, and test technique to teach students how to spell a few, common words.

On the other hand, All About Spelling uses individualized and multi-sensory (auditory, tactile, visual, and kinesthetic) techniques to cultivate in students a deep understanding of phonemes and phonograms of the English language. In this way, students begin to understand the relationship between sounds and letters, letters and words.

In other words, this critical piece of curriculum gives students the tools for recognizing and mastering spelling rules by themselves. Eventually, All About Spelling students will become proficient spellers of the exception-filled English language for the rest of their lives!