Classical, Catholic Curriculum

The Goal of Education

Before building, an architect must design his beautiful structure first. He starts with the end result before ever laying a brick.

So too we must start with the end result first. What do we want for our children? What do we want our children to be like when they “grow up”? Most parents would answer that, above all other things, they desire their children to be good, happy, and fulfilled human beings. 

Classical education aims to give students the intellectual and spiritual tools they need to live a good life. The purpose of St. John Paul II Classical School is to cultivate in students a deep love and knowledge of the Truth. Thus, being so convicted, these children will recognize and do the Good as well as love the Beautiful.

Indeed, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty became incarnate of the Virgin Mary: Jesus Christ Himself is the Good, True, and Beautiful in the flesh. Therefore, the ultimate goal of SJPII is to cultivate in students a deep love of Jesus Christ. This love will compel students to serve Him and their neighbors charitably throughout their lives, thus gaining happiness in this life and in the next.

How does a classical school fulfill its lofty ends?


A unique, dynamic, and vigorous curriculum is one of the key elements in the fulfillment of our goal.

Simply, a Catholic, classical curriculum emphasizes the importance of great literature, the history of Western civilization, and the single, unifying factor: our Catholic faith. 

Additionally, this curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of learning, stressing phonics, reading, the fundamentals of math computation, science, and the development of a strong language foundation.  These subjects will also be covered in such a way to encourage the development of strong spelling, grammar and writing.

Follow the links below to learn more about specific programs that SJPII has carefully chosen to fulfill its educational goal:

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