Headmaster Welcome

Welcome to St. John Paul II Classical School!

Now in our third year, we continue a beautiful adventure: helping parents form saints.
Through the richness of our Catholic faith and the proven methods of the Classical model of
education, we nurture in young souls a friendship with Jesus Christ and the ability to think and

The adventure takes our students from ancient to modern and American history with an
immersion in all that is good, true, and beautiful in God’s world. They have their young minds
“furnished” with abundant, often memorized, rich language from poetry, prose, and Sacred
Scripture. They develop thinking and vocabulary power through Latin and a systematic writing
program that provides a broad repertoire of structural models and stylistic techniques. Math
facts are also in the daily diet! Most importantly, they are free to breathe as friends of Jesus and
His heavenly family.

There is something undefinable (and immeasurable) in the tremendous and visible joy that
comes with a genuine Catholic Classical formation. The joy of Gospel charity and the love of an
inspiring teacher are certainly keys to this joy we see in our “little disciples”. But as I often
explain to teachers and parents, the Classical approach is a very natural one, a method that
“aligns” with human nature and the developmental needs of children who feel happy when
learning fits well into how God made them.

Our school was named St. John Paul II Classical School by the Bishop of our diocese, Bishop
David L. Ricken, who was pleased to name our school after the very saint who made him a
bishop! Our school family embraces the mission entrusted to us by our shepherd and we invite
you to come and see the joy felt by young and “older” alike. Come and see a beautiful adventure!

God bless you and your families,

Mr. Frank Nicely