Institute for Excellence in Writing

St. John Paul II Classical School utilizes a writing program called the Institute for Excellence in Writing as the foundation of our Language Arts Curriculum.

Through this nine unit writing program, students will learn to write with skill and to write with confidence. This program will be used as a central part of SJPII’s Language Arts Curriculum because it can be used as a springboard for the other language disciplines, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics. The nine units of the syllabus “imitate classical rhetoric exercises” and ”address all five canons of classical rhetoric,” ensuring that students understand “basic grammar and concepts of classical composition.” Additionally, IEW stresses the importance of imitation and mastery–two key components of any classical curriculum. (To learn more about the classical nature of the IEW program click here.)

IEW is a simple, joyful, and flexible curriculum.

It is simple because of the structure, organization, and gradualness of the content. Children can grasp more easily the process of writing by having clear expectations and some limitations.

IEW is joyful because students need to have order, expectations, and limits in order to be truly free in their writing. Not only this, but the methodology of IEW encourages teachers and students to use their imaginations and to direct their energy toward creating something truly worthy and beautiful.

IEW is flexible because it works for students of all ages and aptitudes. It is also flexible because it can (and ought to!) be utilized in other disciplines, including History, Literature, Religion, Art, Music, and Nature Studies.

Follow this link to explore IEW more deeply.