The Trivium Method


A Classical Curriculum is implemented in three stages: the Grammar Stage, the Logic Stage, and the Rhetoric Stage. Each stage utilizes the child’s natural tendencies and affinities for learning, complementing the development of the child’s brain. 

This educational method integrates all subjects with Catholic values, resulting in faith-filled students who are knowledgeable, analytical and articulate. Through the Trivium educational approach, we strive to incorporate Catholicism in all aspects of learning.

Grammar Stage (Preschool-5th Grade) 

Grammar, the first stage, emphasizes the mastery of the basics. Before a child can become fluent in any one subject, he or she must learn its most basic elements.

During this stage, ages 5-11, children possess a natural affinity for storing information on any subject and recalling it at will. Here, children desire to answer the question, “what?” Indeed, children at this stage are little sponges who love to mimic, sing, and memorize!

Therefore, young children in the grammar stage memorize, recite, and repeat basic knowledge: the letters of the alphabet, nursery rhymes, math facts (1+1; 2×5; etc), Latin endings, history facts, and, most importantly, phonetics. The grammar stage lays the foundations for future critical thinking when the mind and spirit mature.

Logic Stage (6th-8th Grade) 

The next stage, logic, means reason. In this stage, ages 12-14, children are taught to reason by continued exercises in argumentation. This flows naturally from the child’s tendency to question the information they are given. Children desire to answer the question, “why?” Lessons in Formal Logic begin at this stage. 

Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th Grade)

Lastly, the rhetoric stage focuses on persuasion or the communication of rational thought. By now, a student’s cognitive abilities should have come into their full flower of maturity. This means that a student should be able to read, learn, think, and communicate independently. It is during this stage that emphasis is placed on the art of communicating beautifully through both the spoken and written word in defense of the Truth that they now possess.