Site Advisory Council

At each GRACE school, the Site Advisory Council (SAC) acts as an advisory body to the principal or headmaster and works in collaboration with GRACE to set the strategy and direction for the school.


The Council’s responsibilities include:


  • Communicating school and GRACE matters to parents and students
  • Support for marketing, enrollment, and school family retention efforts
  • Promoting the formation of school and GRACE family community
  • Site-based fundraising requirements, including raising the GRACE Budget Contribution as the Site Advisory Council’s top fundraising priority
  • Make recommendations to and/or support the principal or headmaster on matters related to policy, operations, budgets, and programming of the school fundraising


The Site Advisory Council is not responsible for direct day-to-day school operations or the final decisions on school or GRACE policy.

The council is comprised of parents, teachers, and parish member volunteers.

The Chairperson implements and leads all initiatives of the SAC, presides over all meetings, and serves as a liaison for the headmaster.  The term for this position is one year.

The Vice Chair also serves a one-year term and assumes the duties of the chairperson when chairperson is unavailable. The VC serves as the liaison to the school’s parish council and to tuition assistance and stewardship/fundraising committees.

The Secretary records the minutes of the meetings, emails minutes for approval to the committee and then sends approved minutes to GRACE President, SAC and school website.

The Treasurer oversees all deposits into and withdrawals from the school’s GRACE fundraising accounts, ensures all payments to GRACE are made on a timely basis, presents at each SAC meeting in writing all monthly and year to date summaries of the school’s GRACE restricted and unrestricted funds. The fiscal year will run from July 1- June 30.

All SAC members will serve a three-year term unless noted. Vacancies will be announced in March to the community. Any SAC member can be nominated for a position within the Executive Council unless their term has been complete. Pervious SAC experience is recommended for the chairperson and treasurer officer positions. New placements will be decided in April at the SAC meeting.  New members will attend the May and June SAC meetings before taking office in July.

If you are interested in serving on the SAC, or have any questions, please contact the SAC chairperson at


The SJPII Site Advisory Council for the 2020-2021 school year is as follows:

Executive Council:

Chairperson: Joe Mongin

Vice Chair: Jared Saindon

Secretary: Denice Patz

Treasurer: Heather Weininger


Current Members:

Alex Wolf (Headmaster)

Fr. John Girotti (serving as priest advisor)

Dirk Bartolazzi

Gina Ellis

John Helfenberger

Amanda Matczynski

Jeffry Young

Carrie Zehms

To find out more, read the SAC meeting minutes.