Jennifer Branecky

Title 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Born and raised in Oconomowoc, WI, Jennifer Branecky was blessed to attend Catholic, classical schools growing up and decided to continue her Catholic education at Benedictine College where she majored in Elementary Education and minored in Theology.

Indeed, Jennifer numbers the faith formation received throughout her schooling as one of the biggest blessings in her life. As her teachers were moral exemplars, she strives to be a moral exemplar, imitating Christ in all she does, in and outside the classroom.

She prays that she can share her enthusiasm for learning with a purpose. Truly, Christ has placed a desire in her heart to learn all she can about His creation and our place within it. Blessed with knowing the Truth, she hopes to share it with her students, imparting to them a love for seeking Truth and glorifying Him through the exercise of mind, body, and soul!