“We are so grateful to be able to send our children to St. John Paul II Classical School because this special school shares the same mission we as parents have for our children: to get our children to Heaven. The SJPII teachers are an amazing gift to our community; they infuse the Education in Virtue program throughout each school day, provide our students with second-to-none academics, and love them as if they are their own children.  It is thrilling to watch our children grow as disciples at such tender young ages!  THANK YOU, TEACHERS, FOR ALL YOU DO!!!”

-Shannon and Chris


“Although my husband and I were blown away by the academics at the St. JPII, that isn’t why we put our children in the school. We were thrilled that they would share in the kind of education that formed centuries of great minds from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Aquinas, but that’s not what we love most about their experience there. The school’s total focus on living the faith, joyfully and wholeheartedly, is what makes St. John Paul II so unique. The parent-teacher conferences are not about my child’s grades, but about  his growth in character. Instead of disciplinary policies, the teachers lead the students in learning about virtue, and instead of competing against each other, the students build each other up by reporting each other’s virtuous behavior. The joyful spirit of the school, which the children bring home with them, has blessed our family.”

-Beth and John 


“Our family has benefitted greatly from being a part of the St. John Paul II classical school community. The teachers and staff are highly skilled, the curriculum is challenging, and the environment is welcoming. Each child is treated as an individual as they work with their teachers and peers to reach their full potential as a child of God. St. John Paul II Classical Catholic School strives to educate the whole child, body mind and soul. Faith formation and virtue training are an integral part of the curriculum, and we feel so blessed that the school places as much emphasis on forming our children’s character as it does on academic excellence.

St. John Paul II Catholic Classical School has a wonderful culture based of faith and fellowship. Parents are treated as partners in their children’s education, and given opportunities and resources to help their students excel. The parents and teachers of this school community have created a loving and nurturing environment for the students to grow as children of God.

By arming their students with faith, reason, and love, St. John Paul II Catholic Classical School forming the next generation of saints!” 



“I love learning about and practicing virtues. I move up the virtue steps to reach heaven. After I reach heaven, I write my name in the book of heaven.”

-4K student


“I love that my school is Catholic. I get to learn about Jesus everyday and talk to him in the Atrium—our special place where I can be with Jesus and think about His life and the mysteries of being Catholic. I have the best teacher in the world! She teaches me about Rome and Latin. I love learning about what really happened in history and I feel so proud when I can speak Latin.”

-2nd Grader


“There are many intellectual, philosophical, even historical arguments for why classical education is so successful. They are very compelling but perhaps even more convincing are the statements of students enrolled in classical education.

Truly, classical education changes lives. With a solid Catholic foundation and rigorous studies, it challenges students to think critically and make sense of the world around them. The integration of subjects further enables students to make connections, on their own, and engage in meaningful experiences. Come visit SJPII and you will immediately see and feel the joy and beauty its teachers and students emanate.” 



“Before enrolling to SJPII our daughter was struggling with some school subjects and we felt that she was not fulfilling her potential. After much prayer and discernment we made the difficult decision to try something different in hopes that it would be a better fit. We have been blown away by the classical model; it has been amazing for our daughter and she has gone from just getting good grades, to embracing a love of learning that has impacted her self-esteem, her academic success, and our home positively.

We love that the staff cares both about the students’ academic success and their spiritual wellbeing. The SJPII family of teachers and staff go beyond instructing our children by reinforcing the Godly virtues we are all called to live by. We are also impressed by the sense of community among the staff, students and parents. The special bond we feel with the SJPII family is wonderful and has blessed us with the opportunity to meet many other families that are also concerned about the complete formation of their children.”

-Joe and Lorena