Each SJPII Classical School family is expected to offer volunteer service to the school during the school year. Some service hours may be fulfilled at home. Parents are asked to log-in their service hours either online or with the paper form available online.

Required hours
15 Hours: General Service
10 Hours: Third Source Fund Raising Service

Sign-up Genius announcements will be emailed to parents periodically for parents to sign up to volunteer
for a current school need.

Current School Needs

  • General Service Needs
    • Lunch/Recess Supervision
        • 12:00-12:45 p.m.
        • Monday-Friday
        • Parents are asked to sign-up for one or more days, preferably for one week
    • Classroom Assistance
      • Art Studio
  • Third Source Funding Needs
    • Virtue Walk

Log In Volunteer Hours Here 

Family Service Hours Form (2019-2020)